Off The Dome

I broke the ‘no spend’ challenge this month. I bought materials for a DIY wall picture collage – spent about $25. I also bought a set of Scandal wine glasses – stalked them for months and they finally went on sale. Score! Aaand…yes there’s more. I’m thinking about buying a new swim suit, cover up, and another pair of flat sandals for summer. My mom is visiting this weekend and all ‘no spend’ limitations are off. I’m not on vacation, but it’s the same thing. :-)

Whenever I go home, people say I’ve lost weight and look good. I appreciate the compliment, but I wonder if they know I’ve gained a TON of weight in the past three years. How big WAS I before moving away? I need to find old pics.

My electric bill is $22 this month. *church shout* Thank ya lawd-T!

I had one perfectly fitting little black dress and one perfect pair of gold (champagne) studded peep toe heels. I wish I could say those fabulous pieces were still in my closet, but certain *ahem* family members claimed ownership while I was still wearing them. *blink* That frequently happens with my accessories and handbags but never the clothes off my back. LOL! Oh well, now I have a reason to shop for better replacements. One day.

I saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO. Seriously. My rental insurance expires next month and the old company’s renewal premium was ridiculous. Which means it’s time to shop around! I already have GEICO car insurance so I requested a quote from them first. Not only was GEICO’s rental premium cheaper for more coverage, but my car insurance premium went down because of the multi-policy discount. Win!

I crossed over to the dark side and joined #TeamiPhone Maaaaan, I’m so lost and confused. Help a sista out with some tips, tricks, apps, and must have (pink) iPhone accessories.



A Look Back, Then Forward: March and April 2014

Is the first quarter of 2014 really over? The thought of it makes me feel as if time is slipping away, then I find myself in deep reflection and asking random questions. Have I made progress towards my goals? What have I accomplished? Have I nurtured my relationships? Do my loved ones know how much I love them – through my words AND actions? Is God pleased with my heart? Am I living my life the way I want to be remembered? What is MY legacy? My aunt’s passing has a lot to do with the way I feel right now. So I’ll spend a little time reflecting on the past (March), then move on and look forward to the future (April). I’m still here, there’s still time, and God isn’t done with me yet.

A Look Back: March 2014


- Spending lots of quality time with my immediate and extended family. My clan is a mixed bag – smart, resourceful, accomplished, boughie, ghetto, ratchet, loud, funny, and some are nutty as a fruitcake. Literally. And I claim ALL of it. Being in their presence is like looking in the mirror at my own reflection. I am ME because of them.

- Had a long conversation with my great aunt (my late grandmother’s sister) and honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, that woman had stories that gave me LIFE! She was telling me about the two of them as children. She said my grandma was mean and “had mo’ mouth than a cow got azz!” See, that’s where I get it from. LOL! She said my grandma used to beat her up whenever she snitched, cuss out girls in the neighborhood, fight their brothers, talk back to teachers, and was always disobeying their parents (especially sneaking boys in the house). My grandma was a mess! LOL! I asked did she get beatings for being so bad. My aunt said “yep, but it ain’t do nuttin but make her meaner.” LOL! We talked for hours after the repast and spent most of the night together. I’m sooo glad I was able to spend that time with her. She needed to walk down memory lane and I was more than happy to listen. She’s 78 now and not doing well anymore, but thoughts of our conversation will always warm my heart.

- Ran the numbers for my quarterly net worth report, +$24k. Can’t complain.

- Realizing that I have great friends, old and new. If you’re reading this, thank you. Yes, YOU too. When facing difficult situations, people show you who they are. I’m blessed.

- This month has been a blur. I know there were more great things that happened in March, but I can’t remember. #oldladyproblems


- My favorite aunt (on my mom’s side) passed away at the tender age of 60. I know that seems young, but she was taken not a moment too soon. When she was diagnosed with a rare form of lupus, the doctor’s told her she had a maximum of 5 years to live. After that conversation, she lived for 34 more years. You never knew when she was in pain because she TRULY enjoyed life to the fullest. I’m crying as I type this because I miss her, but I smile because I know she would be smiling too. If she knew I was crying, she’d probably say “IF YOU DON’T KNOCK IT OFF! NOW WHEN IS YOUR OUR NEXT VACATION?” :-)

- Snow in the spring. Boo! I’m over winter and so glad she’s gone.

- Had to cancel my spring vacation. Thankfully, I wasn’t charged for the hotel.

A Look Forward: April 2014

- My mom, aunt, and brother are visiting next week. My cousin and her clan are coming up too, but they’ll stay with other family in MD. By the time we link up with my uncle, we’ll be 10 deep. We have plans to hang out together in the city, should be a fun weekend. DC is covered with cherry blossoms right now and it’s so pretty in the spring.

- Other than the family visit, I plan to have a low key April. After the month I’ve just had, I need some time to regroup and slowly ease back into real life.

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Family and Friends

When my grandma passed away 21 years ago, her oldest daughter filled her larger than life shoes and kept the family together. Now my family’s second matriarch passed away. It hurts just as much as the first time.

My heart goes out to everyone who has to spend the better part of their lifetime with lupus.

I love my family.

Estate planning seems morbid, but it will make things so much easier for your family. Do it for them.


Daily devotional from @DeevahfromSC. *love*


King cake from @healthyeveryday *love*

It amazes me how thoughtful and generous people can be.

When people say “it’s just twitter…” I beg to differ.

Everytime I ramp up my efforts to seriously start looking for a job in another country, something happens to make me change my mind. First, it was a hurricane while my daughter was in college near the beach. I think I stopped breathing during the time I couldn’t find her. After I overcame that anxiety, then it was an injury. The experience turned my life upside down for nearly 3 years. As soon as I overcame that stress, then I was >>thisclose<< to an offer in Italy, but it slipped through my fingers. After overcoming that disappointment and finally deciding to gear up again, I lose a really close family member that shook my mom to her core. Imagine receiving a phone call and hearing your mom’s voice crack while struggling to speak. Man…that sound broke my spirit and I was by her side within a few hours. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

Had I booked that trip to China, I would have been out of the country when my mom called. It would have been the worst trip of my life. God doesn’t make mistakes. I trust him with everything.

My friends from home, some who I haven’t seen in over 10 years, are the most thoughtful people I know. They’ve shown me that time and distance don’t change “real” friendships.

I need to find a reputable nonprofit that focuses on finding a cure for lupus. I’d like to make a donation in my aunt’s name.

God doesn’t make mistakes. I know I said that already. It’s worth repeating.

A Look Back, Then Forward: February and March 2014

Another month of 2014 is behind us. I’m always amazed at how fast time flies. Just a reminder that I need to enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest. I certainly try…

A Look Back: February 2014


- Joined a new bible study group and we’re discussing the Book of Ruth. I’m the youngest in the group and I LOVE learning from older women. Absolutely love it.

- Fully funded my IRA.

- Went to the gun range for girl’s day out and we had a great time. I was so scared at first, but after a few rounds, I felt like Rambo. Fun! I plan to go again and take the women’s self defense class.

- Nixed China, but South Africa…transaction authorized! Reservations are made, itinerary is confirmed, and entire trip is paid in full…with cash. Leggo!

- Bought tickets to see The Lion King at the Kennedy Center. Man listen…I saw it on Broadway a few years ago and it BLEW. ME. AWAY. Good seats are worth every dime!

- Volunteered to teach a personal finance class to a small group of young ladies. Turns out, I’m learning from my students and it’s been a blessing.

- No new injuries! HAHAHA #clumsy

- The money saving challenge is going strong! Even had a few online buddies join me this month. Woot!


- Failed at my 1 green smoothie per day personal challenge. Womp. Actually, I didn’t fail. I did it consistently for about 12 days, then got tired of the same ole same ole. Now I’m testing other smoothie recipes but not everyday.

- The black history event I was supposed to attend was canceled due to the snow. It’s March and we’re expecting 8 more inches today. *sigh* I’m so over winter.

A Look Forward: March 2014

- My family and I are going to an indoor trampoline park. I’m so giddy, I feel like a 5 year old kid who was just told she’s going to see Mickey!

- Visiting NYC to play tourist with a friend.

- Visiting Canada with a friend to view the Niagara Falls, grub, and wine taste. In that order. I hope mother nature is in a good mood that week.

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