My June Fitness Schedule & A Fitness Challenge

I just returned from vacationing in Jamaica and had a fabulous time!  However, I brought back more than I intended – extra weight.  It was already creeping up on me after my injury, so now I’m exactly 15 lbs from my happy weight.  While feeling sorry for myself,  I made excuse after excuse to eat poorly and not exercise regularly.  No more…the dead end stops HERE.


BK Diva, at The Family Fit Lounge, is hosting a fitness challenge for the month of June and I’ve decided to join in on the fun.  I need a good challenge to jump start my motivation and discipline.  In addition to gradually getting my nutrition back on track, here’s my workout plan for June.

I’m starting out slowly with low impact activities while still nursing my injuries.  I miss running with all my heart, God knows I do, but I have to do something to keep my body active.  After climbing Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, I know my knee is strong enough to workout now.  Between walking, lifting weights, yoga, and swimming, I plan to workout 6 days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.  If the Lord allows my injuries to heal, I’d love to begin a walk/run program around mid/late-June.  Also, my Level II swim lessons begin on the 25th and I know my legs will love the water. I’m very excited about that. :-D

Here’s to a new month and a new beginning. Let’s get it!

8 thoughts on “My June Fitness Schedule & A Fitness Challenge

  1. Monique

    I like this spreadsheet. My guy and I are doing a fitness challenge for this month too. We both realized that we need to step up our game in the worst way.


  2. BK

    Owwww Let’s go!!!!! I know how you feel being sidelined and NOT being able to do what YOU want to do as far as fitness goes.. I’ve had to get past that and still be a motivator for my family & friends.. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle!


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